Andy Newman Small Works
Back of a house (Acton) Small corner house (Concord) Side shed (Concord)
Small barn (Hollis) Red house (Acton) Small barn (Hollis) II
Several houses (Donnat) Gray shed (Loubaresse) Three houses (Fulham)
Archway (St Marcel de Careiret) Gray shed (Loubaresse) II Ascending road (St Quentin la Poterie)
Several sheds (Concord) Several sheds (Concord) II House with extension (Hardwick)
Left side of a house (Dalton) Right side of a house (Dalton) House with porch (Ware)
Red barn (Hardwick) House with windowed porch (Brookfield) Long house (Fitchburg)
Red barn with extension (Strafford) Red barn extension (Strafford) House with porches (Concord)
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