Andy Newman French Landscapes
Street and archway (Colombier) Corner houses (Pouzilhac) Rear entrances (Cavillargues)
Houses on a hillside (L'Ecot) Road and trees (south of Uzès) Trees (Pont St. Esprit)
Houses on a hill (L'Ecot) Donnat houses with red roofs Long house (Vallérargues)
Several houses (Mégier) Houses in a row (L'Ecot) Houses on a hill (L'Ecot)
Road out of Cavillargues Street and archway (Colombier) Lane and houses (Charavel)
Houses behind the church (Cavillargues) Several house (Challanges) II Several barns (Loubaresse)
House with long stairs (Villefort) Trees (Pont de Vaux) I Cul de sac (Tournus) II
Trees (Pont de Vaux) II
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